ACF Seal of Approval Recognizes Quality Products
(American Culinary Federation)

By Brent T. Frei

Publisher/Director of Marketing

A more recent addition to the ACF’s family is Casa DiLisio Products, Inc. based in Mt. Kisco, NY.
ACF tested and approved four Casa DiLisio Pestos: Cilantro Pesto, Fire Roasted Red Pepper Pesto (Vegan), Pesto all Genovese (basil pesto with pine nuts) and Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (Vegan)

Lou and Lucy DiLisio started Casa DiLisio in their home. Their first sauce was a French-style scampi sauce later called Provencal. Thirty seven years ago, Casa DiLisio the first company to put frozen Pesto sauce on the market for Foodservice at a time when, according to Lou DiLisio you couldn’t sell pesto sauce. Yet in a recent year, Casa DiLisio produced and sold more than 600 tons of Pesto Sauce. Casa DiLisio is also one of the very few companies using only FRESH BASIL in its Pesto Sauces.

Casa DiLisio is known as the “The Ultimate Frozen Italian Sauce” line in the Country. Several new flavors are planned for the future. Casa DiLisio makes all is its own sauces and distributes them through National and Independent distributors. The company also deals with chain accounts as well as UPS deliveries to small independent accounts. For more information call (800) 247-4199, or visit

What Earning ACF’s Seal of Approval Means:
When you buy a product bearing the ACF Seal of Approval, you are assured that the quality identified with the approved products has been substantiated by an ACF panel of culinary experts.

Unlike other organizations that offer tasting endorsements, ACF requires an extensive testing evaluation process that produces an unbiased expert opinion based on measurable criteria. These strict guidelines do not include quick, blind-judging of products.

ACF Seal of Approval assures that you are the best available product on the market!
The ACF’s Seal of Merit became a unique opportunity of food-product companies, equipment manufactures, and corporations providing a wide range of services to assure that their products and services met the high standards of the American Culinary Federation.