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Alfredo Sauce

All of our sauces are: Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Low Sodium, and Concentrated

“Frozen Italian Cream Sauce”

This rich, creamy sauce has no equal! Prepared with Half & Half, Imported Romano Cheese, Pasteurized Egg Yolks, and Butter, it makes a perfect Fettuccine Alfredo every time. Just heat slowly, adding milk or Half & Half. Also, use on fish, chicken or veal. All Casa DiLisio sauces are concentrated; our Alfredo Sauce can be thinned out with up to 20% milk or Half & Half, if desired.

Carbonara – Add crumbled, cooked crisp bacon and pour over your pasta
Primavera – Add steamed vegetables to sauce (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, diced pepper, cauliflower, etc.) Any assortment works great! Just pour the mixture over your pasta
Seafood – Sauté Shrimp or Scallops in sauce and just pour over your pasta

Case Pack: 2 – 32 oz. Containers                                    CODE NUMBER
Will keep Frozen 24 months                                                        71161
Will keep refrigerated 2 – 3 days

Serving Size:
3 oz. Concentrated sauce to 6 oz. cooked pasta (3 oz. uncooked)
32 oz. Container is enough for 4 lbs. of cooked pasta. (2 lbs uncooked)

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